Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some views of the Resort

This morning I started a crock pot chicken for dinner and it smells good right now!

Joy and myself went out for a cruise about the resort this morning after chores were done and took some shots of the different views out here. Some commercial , and some not!

Here is one the Churches that have been established during the many years this community has existed.

Two happy duck gets the entire pond to it themself . there is a nice picnic area from where this shot was taken .

Once again the beauty of the Davis Mountains during the rainy season .

The desired piece of equipment for crushing rock back into the roads, I believe the P.O.A. spent the money wisely. We can already see the progress of the road crew and the quality of the roads improving .

The "The Davis Mountains Community Church" believed to be the highest church in Texas @ 5731 feet , I guess your closer to God ? this is where we worship when not on the Gulf coast.

A picture of our local beer , ice , food , and fuel stop ,We are very glad to have this in the middle of the resort. The Davis Mountain Store and RV park.432-426-2600

I take time to chat with the owner of the store Phillis. she told me I had an outstanding ticket from my last trip , Don't want to get my credit cut off !

Another shot of Mr Acres home above the duck pond that I featured last Thursday , August 6th.

Now this is what you call " Wide Open Space's ", Susan Gibson who wrote this song the
The Dixie Chicks picked up is a pretty close friends with the family and myself .We met in Alpine before she got kinda rich and famous !

High temp Aug 10th 93 in the shade.
low temp this morning a cool 61 degrees.
Clouds moving through all day little sprinkles now and then.
and that's the way it is !


  1. Store lady is cute is she single? lol just kidding Im not a glutton for punishment

  2. hey D, When you gonna be near the Field lab next? I got a small job for you if your interested.

  3. hey m ,

    ues the e-mail link on my pg ,i need to know whats up on your side , currently available depending on what you need .I have tools @ 2 locations and need to know the scope of your project so i'm tooled up for a gig. will be glad to help with start-up at the ranch.

    thought jw would make it up here sometime while i was here but have not heard back.



  4. Mnc90034@yahoo.com

    for some reason I cant open your email link.

    Anyway here is mine, I just want to know if you have hand held gps ( mark my corners) and take some photos while you are there.

  5. Was gonna say the same thing about the store lady. Great looking places, great looking photos.