Friday, August 7, 2009

Hit the Road

Got some extra time and need a road trip, Heading to the cabin this weekend , I'll be posting real time photos next week . Stay tuned for more at 6000 feet.

Our destination .

Along the way we will cross the Pecos River 15 miles west of Del Rio . This shot of the bridge that spans the Pecos River , is the highest bridge span in Texas @ 273 feet above the river and over 1300 feet long , was built in 1957. We are at the observation area park near the canyon entrance looking North , Behind me to the South are the Rio Grand River and the foot hills of Old Mexico.

Getting closer , This is the Cactus Capital of Texas , The little town of Sanderson lies along Old Highway 90 . About 100 miles east of Alpine TX , We have driven 500 miles already with 150 more in front of us .

Thanks to all who have been following this freight train of a blog. I know my grammar and spelling is not always correct , (My mother informed me of that yesterday) ! So please be kind to me when I make these little mistakes . In the future coming days I'm real time with the photography and the post of the day.

cheers !

and that's the way it is !



  1. I am enjoying reading your blog mainly because I spend a lot of time out there in the Davis Mountains. I have a 22 foot camper that I use to stay at Davis Mountains State Park as often as I can get away from San Angelo. I spent a week out there last week and my report of the wonderful week is here:

    Keep up the great blogging and thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks gumo

    i know you like this area as much as i do.
    some time in the future, maybe you can get your trailer up to the resort and plug in for a couple days ?

    get back to me and lets see, went to your site tonight and looked at you pics ,nice.

    i'll be geting some new stuff up in the next few days.



  3. you are the blog king, I check and you already have 2 posts since I checked. love the blog D!!