Monday, August 10, 2009

The Moon and Good Morning !

This is a normal morning here at the cabin ,This morning a group of doe's and one little buck came down for some corn . the deer populations here to say the least is plentiful .

Also so are the mountain loins . I have never seen one but my wife and dog were warned by one last September while walking down the pad ,one growled at her.but she never saw it , a blessing for sure.

Have had reports of a 400 pound black bear roaming in the back of the resort , game warden warned the fine for killing a black bear that's not a threat is $14.000. so no rug for me !

The moon said hello to us this morning. It was beautiful .

Last night thunder storms rolled through and dropped 1/2 " . Nothing like listening to the rain falling on the tin roof ,puts you right to sleep.
low temp this morning 59 degrees with 29 % humidity
high temp yesterday 92 degrees.

and that's the way it is !



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