Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Memerial Week on Lake Travis

Well I promised some water shots , but if read yesterday's post ???

So this I will share with everyone who cares to look .

Each year my brother , his kids and my family converge on Lake Travis for the week before the Memorial Day holiday. I usually ride the Goldwing and my brother brings his boat , The girls come up in my truck.

Lake Travis located in Central Texas is part of what is called "Chain of Lakes" there are five lakes in the chain , I have been on all 5 lakes . Lake Travis is my favorite and the deepest . about 40 miles west of Austin.

This year was extra special as my niece was graduating from University of Texas in Austin the same week .

All of the photos are high res so enjoy our week of fun with our children ,

I'm really going to miss this , our children are becoming adults and growing into future leaders that we"Baby Boomers" will be relying on to correct things our generation could not, Change the world for there children to experience the fun that we , as parents have shared with ours . At my age I have seen the best America has been , and I say it with pride and sadly know it will never be this good again. (please don't be offended by my views)

Last year the water covered most of the rocks you see in this picture. It came almost to the road you see . When we arrived we were shocked by the water level at the cove named "Fisherman's Point" , about 20 feet down from last year !

Early morning I manage time for a few moment's of peace and quite before the crew starts up for the day. I love to cast a few while it's quite and the water is glass !

This is a passion for me !

The beauty of the sun setting while we look to the east.

Our day camp by the water , Last year the water would have completely covered the white truck to the right and our lower camp screen room . But the center of the bowl as I called it this year is over 40 feet deep in the center , the main body you can see is still 60 to 80 feet .This is the lowest level I have seen in the 36 years I've been coming out here.

My niece .

A few get ready to go for it on the Molecule . We got this thing a few years back. It always the hit of the party.

As usual it rained , In past years of experience I got it down to a science with temporary shelters . We have camped at these same spots you see for the last 5 years , Getting there early is a good thing , best choice of spots in "Pace Bend Park". you can goggle for more info on the park itself. or click here , In this picture we are all having a "toddy" (adults only) just wish I could see one in this shot !

As a kid I water skied , competition salom back when Bob LaPoint was at his best, I still ski at 53 years , over 35 years now . So of course my daughter is following her papa. I got her hooked about 3 years ago when she was 14 years old.

Our "Home" for a week ,This shot around 1:00pm , starts getting shade at 4:00 , The summer lake winds are a blessing during the afternoon and evening , usually hang under the trees during daytime hours

If you ever see this thing flying around a lake , those who choose to dare and hold on are having the time of there lives . I'm running a little hot on the throttle as I crank um outside the wake @ about 40 mph.

A little "air" never hurt anyone. The dimension's on this tube are 11' x 10' and will ride 4 kids or 3 adults no problem , But you gotta have some horse power to pull it right !

This concept is from HO sports. It rides on the three balls and the sled portion only touches the water when its being pulled out . The best tube I have ever ridden or pulled . Kinda pricey at 400 bucks , but as you can see it's a real crowd pleasure !

The "Graduate"

The rain has its benefits . I have always been fond of rainbows and it give me a peaceful , easy , feeling when one happens to stop by and visit . Ya I know "The Eagles" coined that phrase. This one special , as it was a double bow .

When it first appeared it was massive in width .

My wife always gets the shot, our daughter and close friend .

A little more wide angle on this one

What can I say , at school my daughter friends say we are "The Coolest Parents" at school , I just believe that all we can do is show them that getting outdoors , away from the cities and all the vices that come with it , is the only way for them to really know what their own "limitations" are.
This we give them today , will come back to us a hundred times and more !

I hope you have enjoyed a very special event we celebrate each year in Honor of all the men and women who have given their lives in the line of duty to keep us all safe , and keep freedom alive in the United States of America !

the dell is heading to the shop in the morning .
and that's the way it is !

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  1. Hi, I read the comment you left for me in Offgrid Terlingua Bound and decided to come check out your blog.

    Sorry to hear about your HD, hope you get it restored soon but I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your Memorial Day weekend at Lake Travis.

    In answer to your question, No I have never cooked in a cooking team, lol, if you knew how bad a cook I am you would be laughing your head off right now just like I am hahahaha!!

    I am just a mere spectator that just goes to mingle and party and for a week tries to forget about the outside world.