Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Upper Pad .

Here is the next project.

We have a second home site selected for the complete package. on the upper pad as we call it the beauty of the mountains really can be seen from this site.

Its about 175 feet higher than the cabin so a little above 6100 feet in elevation. I give you the road up !

This view is to the North and a natural drain path down the old road , the road became useless about 15 or 20 years ago as the erosion took it out for good in the mid 90's.That was the year they recorded 54 inches of rain. our average is 18".

This section to the East up the mountain has a gentle slope and has been selected for clearing..

Our next home will be recessed back into this area about 40 feet up from the edge of the existing 25 year old pad.

My truck sits directly in front of the center of the proposed building site. The remaining area will be for parking and covered for hail protection , Next year a bulldozer will cut out a little more space for my greenhouse and storage shed.

This shot looking to the South is where the greenhouse will be planted.

A local mule deer in velvet . I have seen him before and he's going to be tall this year , As usual you will only see him in the summer months , He disappears during the winter rut.

For a 4 year old he is going to be around 210 to 230 this year ,Think I pissed him off today because he was bedded down and got nervous and had to move twice ! But he never left our property.

For all who follow things will become more real time with day by day update !

enjoy the photos . these were taken on our August trip .

and that the way it is !



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