Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just messing around .

I just put these out for today's post ,

There is always something to do when your out here !

After I thought we were done with the deck , I realized that we had no observation deck .
My daughter after taking a wood shop for school credit helped me with this small project ,

She loved the framing gun. Girls and power tools ?

we work the bond beam and level out a corner

This deck served 2 purposes # 1 nice unobstructed view and #2 cover 4" sanitary leading to tank .

She follows directions well and is eager to learn , That makes me a proud dad . I was quality control on this one !

Shooting a few nails.

Little Melissa shoots a corner while dad tweaks a twisted board with my strap wrench.

Getting close on this afternoon project . Footings , floor plan , bond beams , and decking with my helper 4 hours on a winter day "Priceless" , She a tough gal , she also holds a Texas Fish and Game Licence. FFA member ,2040 on her SAT's . and a good hand for dad!

The next set of photos are from around the area ,This is Limpia Creek ,
The head waters for this creek start up close to our cabin .the picture below is about 30 miles downstream on the north side of Ft Davis off Highway 17

The McDonald Observatory ,This shot was taken from a view point in the resort.

On the way down from my friends place further into the resort, I pointed out a baby pig ,wild and separated from his mother and the pack , Barry got out went into the brush and got him by the tail. He was a little dehydrated so a little water and we let him go on his way .

One of the most dramatic views the DMR has to offer ,This was taken at the end of Skyline Drive, elevation 7200 feet you are looking South towards Old Mexico

Don' let my long hair fool you , I am a Redneck ! I'm looking to the North as a snow storm moves our way. ended the day with a few inches on the ground

And that's the way it is !



  1. Your photo of Limpia in snow is great, as are the others. I guess since I have been out there and know much of what you are talking about, the photos and your descriptions mean more to me than if I had never been there. Your blog makes me homesick! I won't be able to visit again until October.

  2. Gumo

    I'm glad you can find some comfort in my photo log. The Limpia shot was around Christmas 08. It is a nice shot. I'll be out there in October for a couple of weeks. keep in touch.

    I left a post on your site about the agave video. very inserting as I'm one who LIKES "aged" tequila , my favorite runs about 50 bucks a bottle .

    cheers !


  3. You go dad! Just cause they're girls dont mean they cant be right long side you when your building. She will remember that all her life.
    She looks about the same age as my daughter. I know mine cant wait till my place is underway out there. She sent me a text and said she likes what I wrote about her. I guess Im doing ok if she wasnt embarrased by me.

  4. Yea she will be 18 this year ,

    the pic i took was last visit in fall 08.
    and by the way ,

    it's what all good dad's do , embarrass them on occasion keeps them balanced ,because you just might do it again ! and they wouldn't want that ,would they !!!!

    later bro.