Saturday, August 29, 2009

Out of Service Lost C/Drive

Some times things don't go as planed.

Last night I lost communications between my OS and C/Drive . My sea level pics are on this drive, so I'm showing ya the suspect !

Had some pics of Galveston Bay and Clear Lake from yesterday and I'm afraid you will never see them as I deleted them off the camera card after download .

I have a good component level tec that I have become good friends with over the years , I hope he can find some of the 60 gigs on this HD and back it up.This will be the essential part of the answer, and reformatting

With out any data from the HD the next step is a bitch!

I can install and format a new HD ,but hate all the driver and up-dates plus all other programs that will be need to reinstalled to restart the Dell. Last time I spent about 6 plus hours after it failed.

I still have an office but like working with my L.A.N. via wireless in our living room.

Questionable ? think so !

The Paper weight

I'll be working from the desk top for a few days , So like I said , I like writing this in my living room. While in the office I don't have as much freedom with my life , feels like I should be writing invoices !


  1. I have been there done that! Do not enjoy it either. The last time made a believer out of me and I hooked up large (at that time) external hard drive and activated my Mac Time Machine! Now I don't worry about losing anything. Don't know how much of the misery I would have to go through to be up and running again.

  2. Started reading your Blog today and looked back a ways. I am having the same growing pains and am thinking going west - maybe Columbus way.
    Hurricane Ike and this great Texas Coast didn't leave a good impression on me also. I've linked my main Blog to your Blog so maybe others can follow you and it'll make it easier for me to find and watch your progress. BB

  3. TexasMan
    better belive I'll do the same this time ,I talked to a friend and we are thinking(watch out !)that maybe a problem with BIOS section, will find out tomorrow , will try a sata to usb cable and try to read the HD and go from there.
    keep your fingers crossed for me !

    Baytown Bert,

    I will stop by your site and visit , thanks for looking and understanding everthing going wrong in all our lives these days, I just gotta get off this coast ,been doing the "Firedrill" to many times.


  4. Yo bro, Ive been gone for a few days on the bike I'm catchin up.