Saturday, August 15, 2009

TC Smythe and Gary Taylor just friends.

A little music for all.

Here are a few friends of ours,

Smythe & Taylor play all of our party's , Susan Gibson and I were friends in the 90's while I lived in Alpine TX , met S & T while on a trip to Houston in 1998 please sit back and enjoy ,

Had an offer on the home today , one step closer to the mountains as a homestead .

Mr Jack Saunders ,if you have listened to Shake Russel before this is the guy who played and did the recording for the albums at his studios , just google them for more info .

Next year,our 10th annual Fourth of July party in the mountains will be a blast !


  1. hey D, great post.

  2. thanks


    i'll get back to ya in october when i go back out .will see if i can pull that favor off for ya if I can find the time.