Saturday, August 22, 2009

The progress of 3 years of hard work ! .

The first time we found the actual driveway that went up onto the existing pad . As you can see , not much of a driveway ,To me it looked like a drainage path. But we walked up and it was meant to be!

The original raw pad as it looked in 2005 . The picture we envisioned was coming into view . Just add a little snow and a cabin and home sweet home ! Now I got to build it ! cause we had already paid for it !

My wife Joy as she stands on "our" mountain property for the first time , Yes we owned a piece of the rock .

Man I was a happy camper and could not wait to get started , But after the cash sale I knew there would be some camping trips before we started to really develop the land and start building for our future.

After several camping adventures to the property , yes adventures ! that's a story for another day , I took out a Home Depot CC with a $3000 limit . We own a CAD builder's program and set out a plan , To design and dry-in a place as soon as possible with only the $3000. on the card.

Below is a humble beginning to the start of our dreams .We had the pad enlarged for its original size , brought in 6 yards of material leveled it best we could and started on stringers for a raised floor foundation , dimensions for the outside perimeters were 14 feet deep x 24 feet long

Looks are deceiving when in the mountains , level was 0 inches at the rear of pad to 32 inches on the other end . level NOT ! So with the help of lots of concrete blocks and labor we got it done !

The floor plan completed.

I start the first piece of sub-flour and quickly knock this together with my P. C. framer and 2' gal ring shanks .

The final shot from 6 days of labor in the fall of 06 this is what we ended up with . A good start to a project we had no idea we would ever even consider trying to do by ourselves , The "Mountain Gods" helped me all the way through the pain and frustration dealing with the weather and other setbacks we encountered during this first build out.

This is our cabin 4 years later ,complete with covered porch and all the comforts of home.

This year I will build a large bedroom on the back for the final build-out on this cabin. Its done !

My next home will be located further up on the second pad . this is where I will build a
Total Green "off grid self sustainable" 1200 sq ft home of our dreams .This time I'm working with a little more finance than the experimental cabin on the lower pad .

Phase II
Time frame and eta for completion of second home August 2010

This view looking north from our upper pad site . this one will offer better views , more sunlight hours for the solar system and much more wind for the wind turbines. After building the first settlement cottage this one will have it,'s own sets of unique challenges from a builders view . The picture is taken from the an elevation a little higher than the existing pad and dose not show any of the dirt work already done before we bought it . This site is much further from the road also much more private
At least I'm, set up for on site construction full time. This round of building I'll be only about 2000 feet away from the cabin on lower pad. This alone will make for a much different experience while building ,

and that's the way it is !

cheers !



  1. I really enjoyed your post today. I can almost feel the excitement and enthusiasm you must have had while building. It sounds like you sure have a great plan and I am hoping you have a great time building your new home. Thanks for posting for us. Not all of your readers can do what you are doing but because of your blog, at least we can dream...


  2. Thanks gumo,

    A dream come true!

    The first cabin has given me experiences for building on mountain slopes and are very confident on # 2 . still a challenge and I like it!

    If the contract on this home goes right I'll start up early as September 15th.

    The final draft of the plans are coming soon . We are still working on the final one line print and will post as soon as 2 weeks . stayed tuned. your will appreciate the what we are going to set on top of that mountain.

    maybe you might make it out in October and we can visit at the hideout , I'm starting some clearing on the upper pad and finishing the add-on to the cabin during this month.



  3. The pictures of your build are great. I am gonna do simular foundation as you know. I see what your talking about with the stone. NICE TOUCH.