Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mike and Bruce take a Bike Ride to the Mountains !

We took off from the coast around 8:00 am and the first order of bizz was breakfast in Schulenburg TX I-10 @ highway 77.

It had not rained for a few weeks prior to our trip . 35 miles out of San Antion we had no choice as the rain was getting old after 60 miles of it ! This rest stop served us well and able to have a cup of hot coffee before we decided to keep on riding West to Del Rio on Highway 90.

OK ,here we are again taking shelter off Higway 90 about 60 miles from Del Rio , We have only gotten 350 miles today and will be forced to stay overnight in Del Rio.
We had planed to make it to Alpine the first day a full 600 miles but it was not ment to be.

The next morning after a night of rest we gathered ourselfs and contuined our way down 90 to the Pecos River for a rest stop and a view .

The Pecos River High Bridge .

We met up with another good friend from Alpine and took a deture over to the park and to enjoy a little rest in Marathon. Still another 120 miles to the mountains.

This is Dan my good friend and buissness partner in Alpine . We still contract renewalble and shore power electrical installations for the tri county area !

We finnally make it into Alpine and first stop is "The RailRoad Blues" for a brew or 2 .

Four bikes in the parking lot , 3 of the onwers are sitting at the table and the forth is taking this picture

We got RC , Mike , and Dan .

Mikes first view of Skyline Drive in the Resort ,I snap a shot looking towards Marfa to the South.

> Barry and his father Herman were out at there place while we were at mine, Barry and myself are neighbors on the coast and also in the mountains . As we chill out at 7200 feet on a perfect day .

On our way home after several days cruising the roads of far West Texas we had to break the bubble and get back on the road home .

This "Modern Hotel was in a small town called Rocksprings .The Edwards Plateau area of Texas is well known for its excellent deer hunting , and that's about all !

I'm not very modest , just plain worn out ,was outside the room looking for my fixing for a cocktail when my good old buddy took this , At this point we had about 1500 miles on the saddle in 6 days and still counting.

Time to hit the road again Day 7 , Today we will complete the circle and make it back home by tonight. So far everything has been a blast and no mechanical problems or flats .

This is LBJ National Park off Highway 290 @ Stonewall Texas near Johnson City.

These are park rangers who we made friends with after they came to check out these long hair motorcycle dudes and what we were doing here ! As it ended up they were pretty good Government employee's , and one's not to hard to look at !

and that's the way it was !

cheers !


After all was said and done we logged 1940 mile in 7 days and 6 nights , Any time for a ride is a good time for me ! Any takers ?


  1. Thats some serious riding, no break downs?

  2. My wing looked about the same year as yours. mine was red. no fun ridding in the rain once your soaked it takes the fun out of it.

  3. Great ride. Thanks for sharing that.

    At least you have some protection from the rain with fairings like that. Reminds me of a time when I rode through Kangaroo Valley down here in Australia. It fogged up real good on the way up the mountain road, and it hailed on us on the way down.

    Sadly, there was no shelter like you guys found. And our bikes were pocket-rocket 600 Jap bikes.

    Still, a former part of my life I'd like to get back to one day. Thanks again for sharing. Brings back memories from when I toured 1000km a day on two wheels. Ah, youth. What stupid things you made me do.

  4. Thanks for your comments,

    Off Grid and pipsqueek

    When i was a "younger" man I owned an Yamaha 600 which I put 30.000 miles on in 2 years. I think i was about 23 at that time in my life.

    I also have extensive off road experience with motocross , enduros and hair scrambles through the wood of east Texas as a kid .

    Getting on the Wing for even a trip to the store gets me off !

    I will never stop riding on 2 wheels .Been doing it for over 40 years ! It's a pleasure a lot of folks really don't what we are talking about , you know the feel of freedom and you thoughts and ideas you come up with while under power !

    I'm glad you guys know what I'm talking about!

    pipsqeek thanks for following my stuff. I really want to go to your continent before i make the bucket list out .Stay tuned if possible.