Saturday, August 15, 2009

4th of July 07' in the mountains with Smythe and Taylor.

Went back to some pictures of a party we put on @ the community center in 07 , TC and Gary came out for that night and fun was had by all.

They rented the facility to us for 10 bucks and we made something from nothing !

The community all chipped in on the "bring a dish " deal and worked well , for me anyway!

The day after was a little rough ,but the music helped.

Well what can I say , Ever had a goat come to your party ? We did !

The Davis Mountain Store was glad to let my daughter advertise on her bulletin board.

Three amigos. Dan , Harry ,and Myself .
TC and Gary enjoyed this event ,we partied late into that hot summer night.

Not a bad crowd for a summer night in the mountains.
The food was plentiful and very good .
Ya , There are real cowboys in Ft Davis. Ed , Charles , Jimmy , and Bob . by the way don't mess with these boys !

I don't know how many actually showed up , As you can see more than you might think .

The crowd starting to grow early evening , What a crappy place to have a party !!!!

Gary played into early morning for all the hardcore's .
Were in Texas and ya just gotta dance, even if there is no dance floor !

The Bouncers!
And O 'Ya there there was security, Thanks, Asgeir and Spencer , yea that's the way his name is spelled , He is from Iceland (black shirt), Spencer supplied all the fireworks .Good old boy !

I need to go to Church tomorrow , so here are a couple to look at for Sunday !

and that's the way it is !


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