Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just a Few Shots from a Moving Car @ 70mph.

Some shots of local attractions and scenic views in high resolution. please enjoy the mountains today ,

I'm going down to the bay today for a " day at sea level " for tomorrows post
a good shot of "Blue Mountain" it's one of our landmarks. always tells me the cabin is close. The elevation little over 7200 feet

Same "Blue Mountain" different angle off 166 , It's name befitting . during the rainy season as the trees get dark green the hue of the mountain appears to be blue in color.

This formation called "Point of Rock" , it's got a county park and rest stop at the base right off the highway. also an historical marker with the same name, I'll do a segment about the history next trip out.During my arrival in Ft Davis 1995' this was one of my favorite local attractions.

The "Point" of rock, from which it's name originates
The sheer side is used by local climbers for a repelling and practice course , there are "pitons" from many climbers still in place. You can climb up from the rear side and look over this face ,but ya gotta make your way back down , and just to get up there is a bitch .

A tighter zoom and a glimpse of some of the county park / rest stop. I love to stop here late in the evenings during spring and fall months, extremely cool place to explore and easy to access.

There is a section of highway 17 just north of Ft Davis with some great formations , Gumo I know you have seen this before.

This one below is a lot like a formation down south to Terlingua called Willow Mountain 3700 feet , same type extrusion and similar in looks , just this elevation here is around 5000 feet.

The barrage of signs upon arriving into Ft Davis coming in on 17. If you ever visit i strongly suggest you take 4 or so hours and do the 166 Scenic Loop , the 50 + mile loop is a camera bug's (like us) pot of gold ! Take a little extra time to go up to the McDonald scoops at the top of Mt Loch, this will take up a good part of your day ,my advice is to start early. expect a 4 to 6 hour day and pack a lunch and bring an ice chest , for the many stops available for taking a break , pictures , etc.

Welcome to Downtown Ft Davis , all these photos were take just after the Fourth of July 09. This little town really turns into a giant during the celebration. fireworks , parade , street dance I think you get the idea. I love small town USA.

A good shot of the newly remodeled county court house .

On the way home from Balmorhea we took a few shots on the way back to the hideout along 17 . We had gone to the swimming hole that day so here ya go. There are several passes on this 34 mile trip including "Wild Rose Pass". for another day

Looks like it's starting to cool down low temp this morning 58 degrees in town , looking forward to a quick trip up next week to help Barry move some materials up and start up on his shop.
and that's the way it is !
cheers !


  1. Yes, I do recall those locations from your photos. Perhaps my favorite place on the loop drive is beautiful Madera Canyon and the road side park there. Peaceful and tranquil; it is surely Heaven to me. A picnic lunch, a short hike (newly built by the Nature Conservancy) and maybe a nice nap makes for a perfect day in Jeff Davis County. You are making me homesick!!!!!!!Thanks.

  2. Gumo

    I know we will see ya sometime in October !