Friday, August 21, 2009

Solar 101

It's time to let you all in on a secret if you don't know by now . upon my return to the region I will again begin a business for renewable energy installations .

I am not out there to sell you solar and wind products , I',m there to design and engineer the system to accommodate your power requirements for now and future expansion.

I will consult and refer you to a first quality supplier for major components such as solar (photo-voltaic) panels , mounts , charge controllers , inverters , properly sized battery's and for hybrid systems wind turbines and back-up generators . Common AC 120 volt breakers , wire , receptacles and additional components I use for secondary power distribution will be used just as you would for line power from electrical retailers,

My speciality is making all your components communicate and work together and are code correct to the current N.E.C. standards. As a class1 renewable energy installer I will be able to help with federal programs for tax credits on "New" installations .

I am not a miracle worker for the typical DIY ,If you have read a book and think you know it all and want to try this by yourself without electrical construction experience you will be in over your head on the first day . Or buy into these "Build it for Cheap" type sort of scams. I am here to assure you that "THEY DON'T WORK" and its not cheap to build these components and you cannot do it in your own garage. I will argue this point to any and all who disagree , So when I say that its not right I mean It ! To actually put power back into the grid and watch you meter spin "backwards" and still supply power for your electrical needs will cost 60.000 + dollars just for equipment and no labor. These kind of dreams are rarely achieved .

My one and only objective is my customers understanding of what is really involved in owning and maintaining a complete off grid renewable energy system with a 20 year minimum life expectancy. I'm not here to sell power back to the electric company . I'm here to build you a reliable electric system only ! nothing more.

The real key to achieving a reliable energy source is consulting with experienced installers such as myself and others whom have devoted themselves to the industry and a greener America with freedom from the utility company's who dislike the idea we all can conserve and live without them in our pockets .
I will start the picture machine up again tomorrow ,
I just had to put this out there for any new customers that may want to go off grid or backup their grid power The ageing power grid in the United States plus natural disasters , Makes owning a renewable system desirable before you get literally "left in the dark" After hurricane Ike many areas on the Gulf coast like mine were without power for more than 20 days , some 45 days waiting for new construction . Since many who follow my blog some are already getting there and hope this will enlighten others to think about all it has to offer.
and that the way it is !


  1. Yo Bro....just got you gift in the mail today....THANKS! The flags are going up on the entrance next week. Like you post about your new biz in the area....especially the part about NOT selling power back to the grid. Cheers!

  2. i like your truss lifting jigs , good old 4x4s and some lags or carrage bolts , looks like it really worked fine as it's up there, i hope you can use the shim pack i enclosed in the package.

    I'll be back in early October to build another section on the cabin ,lets burn some meat at my place this time ?



  3. yeah Me too, I just got home and checked you out. Nice post with biz, All the best.