Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Water Delivery

Today has been kind to all of the family , Sarai sits on the observation deck just chilling and watching the clouds approaching towards us

The old man sits and takes it all in , to early for a cocktail !

Here is the water . This is an army issue deuce and a half 6x6.

We got water !

This truck is the real deal when it comes to getting water from here to there.

My friend Ron (Willie Nelson) and myself take a moment for the Nikon .
You know it's the mountains , and we just don't care what ya think !

This truck has a name ! Befitting don't you think .

Well , Willie has a show tonight and has to go !

And to end this afternoon some of the heard has come down from the top for some corn.


  1. Now thats a truck, hey by the way how much does willie charge?

  2. he is pretty cheap, a big fatty and a quart of jack get's some good results.

    1200 gallons 50 bucks, good deep well water.

    cheers !