Saturday, October 17, 2009

Moving Day Sucks , But Could Be Worse !

Been dreading this day since we signed papers on our home .

Many Thanks and kudos to the friends that got tough and helped us dig out of our little place by the bay.

It's kinda sad to leave this little seaside home , But we Got a go ! Time for a change of scenes.

Our daughter's last year at school here , Then out west to 6000 feet for good.

My wife just took some shots at random but wanted all , to see my plants , I try not to buy plants because I have that green thumb , they were all started from cuttings or from the sick plant section at HEB for 50 cents each.

This was crucial step to getting out to the mountains , and a chance to thin down the inventory for a little more conservative lifestyle. So I look at this as beneficial to our health and well being in the future ! Going to try and make early service today , So see ya later!

I had this little place fixed up real good for our lifestyle.

When I went outside that morning the condensation from the humid coast line gave my Nikon hell . Because that's not fog it was my lens fogging up !

There were about 70 potted plants aboard the plant trip to my brothers home, his place looks pretty good now!

The place looks bare now,

Brisket was cooked the Friday before moving the big stuff

13 pounder and ready to hit the smoker for 18 hours.

Hard to get everyone interested in working your ass off !!!

The really heavy stuff . The piano has been in my wife's family for 75 years and my daughter made sure that no one dropped it !

The attic was a curse ,I think the boxes were reproducing while the where up there as I don't remember there being so damn many of them , Thanks to the many friends and the chain gang style , it was not that bad , I was in the attic , Tom on the stairs , Brian , Billy and Brad on the ground helped this nightmare come to an end !

My younger Brother and his son.

The U.T. Texas /Oklahoma game was going on at the same time the brisket was done , So we all kicked back popped some cold ones and watched Texas kick the Red Sea back across the Texas border till next year . final score : Tex 16 / Okla 13 . And Buy the way , just in case ya wanted to know

Living the right way , Our friends , and the way they responded when we needed a hand ,
It's Gods way of lending a hand and leading us to a better place ,Below shows just how much .

I told ya them boxes were making love up there .

No we ain't done , Just taking a break between loads

Thanks ,Kathy and Tom (i know i met a friend for life), Heika , Brian , Brad , Billie , Dustin , Leonard , Without your help this would have been a bear .
and that's the way it is


  1. Wow, you have a ton of plants!! You are the first person I know that has a green thumb. That is sure to come in handy when you start planting in your new place in the mountains.

    You are very fortunate to have friends and relatives that are willing to help out during a move.

    That brisket looks good and am sure it tasted even better.

  2. Hello MsB.

    Thanks for your comment , And yes I'm looking foward to building my greenhouse and starting a food source in the high elevation I'm at in

    I am not parting with them (the plants), just on loan for a few months , untill I'm there full time,

    ps: the brisket was gone in 45 minunits , man them young guys have an bottomless pit when it comes to comfort food . I did potatoe pie also and was a big hit too , look at everbody watching the game and you can tell !

    good to hear from ya .

    hope all is well in Del R.



  3. COOL COOL COOL, I hate moving. I move about every 9 months. but like you said. when you got this kind of help its like a clear sign isnt it.

    well this is the beggining of a new life. like your a kid again starting fresh. I know the feeling. I think your in good hands.

  4. your must be busy, or pissed off.

    I have found a mood lately to be prevelent this last week. lots of aggitated people and nit picking. Its starting to piss me off. maybe the fact that our economy is taking a dump and we cant do anything about it is starting to wake people up.

    I heard yesturday that the reccession is over. Its not over till Obama is just a bad memory I think.

  5. OGT
    I'm trying to get over the move.

    The current state of the U.S. is in shambles and getting worse . The leadership is failing and U.S. citizens are paying the cost of poor judgement during the last election. nuff said!

    Heading West today or Saturday to move my first load of belongings to FT D and make a turn around trip for another before the 1st.

    What have you decided about your November trip ?



  6. Guess we all miss your blog updates,but know how busy you are with the moving! By the way,Ive tried your recipe for Potato Pie,and my-oh-my,I love that recipe..good stuff! Hope you might share your "brisquit recipe". You seem to be one hell of a good cook.

  7. I think a place in terlingua is using his brisket recipe in their resturant.

    I am gonna make a point to try it when I get there.

  8. Ironclad , glad the potoatoe pie was in you life and was up to par.

    OGT , the name of the bar and grill is called The LaKiva Bar and Grill

    check out the site !