Friday, October 9, 2009

Can "You" go Off Grid ?

The site will soon become an education on renewable sources, water harvesting, electricity , food , establishing a seed bank and survival in mountain terrain ,

This is the first step to going off grid , Deciding how comfortable you want to be. I could live only off the land using candles made from paraffin , cooking on a wood stove or ground pit , But I'm more advanced than a cave man and have an education.

I have been a rural camper my entire life and know how to start from scratch in most all conditions , I can harvest meat and fish , grow essential vegetables ,collect water and build shelters .fire is in my blood so is cooking.
Thank You very much mom and dad , For letting my brother and me join
"The Boy Scout's of America" for 10 years for our lives !

More about harvesting the sun for electricity .

It's expensive on initial outlay .but remember your going to have your own power plant on "Your Property" so when your neighbors complain about energy cost's and black outs , you just say , O'ya ? didn't hear anything about that ?

Below is a basic worksheet to calculate your daily electrical usage .

This same worksheet is on line at :



Start by finding how many watts each appliance needs. Be sure you use watt figures from special energy-efficient appliances recommended for solar electric homes, like compact fluorescent bulbs and solar-electric designed refrigerators. Do not add appliances that should be propane fueled.

Then multiply listed watts of each appliance by the number of hours per day, on average, that appliance runs. This gives watt-hours per day for that light or appliance. Do this for each appliance. The total for all appliances is your total watt-hours needed each day.

Figures below show some appliances commonly used in independent solar homes. insert your own daily hours for each and add other appliances not listed. Refrigerators come on and off on demand by thermostat, so running time per day is not known.


Microwave oven, average size 1260
Microwave, small, with timer knob 900
Food blender or processor 200
Toaster 1200
Clothes washer, standard 700
Clothes washer, efficient (Staber) 200
Vacuum Cleaner 550
Electric blanket 180
DC power bed-warmer 60
Refrigerator/freezer, 15 cu ft energy star 1500
Small apartment refrigerator,
4 cu ft 1000
12/24 volt RV NovaKool 4 cu. ft. with added insulation 250
10 cu ft freezer, standard 1000
10 cu ft Crosley Chest Freezer 500
Window air conditioner, smallest 660
Ceiling fan, AC 60
Ceiling fan, 12/24 volt DC 5 - 20
Water well pump, 120 volt AC 100 gal/day 1000
Water well pump, DC 100 gal/day 100
Standard 60 watt light
(not recommended) 60
Compact fluorescent bulbs equal to 60 watt incandescent 15
Computer 100
HP Lazerjet printer in operation 90
19" color TV 85
20" LCD TV 120
32" LCD TV 140
50" LCD TV 160
Satellite receiver 20
Quality Stereo 40

Note from Denziel :
If you understand ohms law you can design your own system from there website.

Commercial electrical construction experience is required for proper code correct installation of your system design ,

A typical DIY can usually build a simple 600 watt backup or emergency supply system .This is a 5 amp supply good for limited use of computer, modem and some CFL lighting and small lcd tv. Usually this is from an inverter with built in 120 volt N.E.M.A. 5-15 duplex receptacle and extension cord with a 3 way adapter and recommended for temporary use in emergency

The system listed in my last post requires extensive experience to assemble , install , operate and maintain.

As this system will be installed during new construction of the home with no grid power connection to the property. I have control of entire design top to bottom .

The first project will be construction of battery bank slab and housing before 1800 pounds of battery's arrive on site.

For the next 6 months post's will be about self sustainability , new construction , and total off grid "Green" living . Composting and greenhouse design and construction. Rain water harvest and storage . Also water purification for drinking. food storage and preserving. canning and gardening tips for high elevations.

For you folks that think I just talking , understand this ! I've been on this course for more than 15 years and my plans are already in play at this time.

My site will soon be a go to site for information from an experienced mountain man .

I am a man of my word as my reputation precedes me in the region I will soon call home again .

This post will remain up until we make another move on infrastructure construction at 6000 feet.

cheers !


stayed tuned for more

Come here only for the truth and to be informed from experience in life !


  1. I look forward to being educated on going off grid.

  2. great info D,Im glad you are giving those with little to no experience and education in how much it actually takes to do this full time.

  3. Lots of good info here. Thanks! Will be nice to see this unfold.

  4. what up tffnguy,

    i have been side tracked with the house because of health concerns of my mother, and the solar and wind have also been pushed back.just as they where really lined up to GO.I have a hand on mom's health for no , and have a crew lined up for early march frame-out and roof

    been checking in on ya , looks like your doing ok in terlingua, i had a great time there in the late 90's and left in 2001.

    let me know if ya need some info or help. looks like your over by desert sports ?

    keep in touch



  5. denziel56, March ain't that far away. Hope your mother will be ok. Actually I'm 18 miles north of Study Butte on 118. Quarter mile south of the Legion. Just 600 feet from 118, but no chance of getting on the grid. I'm doing ok though. Will be doing better when I get out of this tin can and get my wind genny up and some solar to go with it.

  6. You must be close to the old store.I once remembered the names of the owners ??? I want to say Dan ?

    I worked the abandoned bentonite mine operation U.S.Clay LLP just west of 118 ,1 mile north of your current location, Your close to Auga Frio turnoff.As a matter of fact I worked all of the mine ops in your area, Cowboy Mining Inc ,Texas Bentonite ,US Clay LLP. and a few I don't remember , they didn't pay there bill's !

    Have you met Weldon at the scrap yard yet ? he is a a great welder (fyi).



  7. I assume you're talking about the old store that (from what I understand) got hit by a tornado (which I also hear was the only recorded tornado in history around here) and took the roof off of it? If so you would turn east at the road just south of it to go to my other land or go about a half mile north on 118 and turn west to get to the land I'm living on now.

    Haven't found any scrap yards around here yet, but I'd like to.