Monday, October 26, 2009

Back Home for 1 Day

I'm Back,

A few new shots from a place in Texas.

If you can find it !

We saw this critter on the way up,

If ya got a real truck , you just might make it !

Another view going down , to rough going up to shoot .

All it takes is a little skill ? or maybe some nuts .(lol)

This little piece of heaven is in Texas.

Some of you folks may see something in the far background , It has a name and its a mountain south of Alpine. (comments welcome)

This is about as high as you can drive a truck in Texas.

A private view not many people have ever seen.
Sorry html giving me some problems , just click the code for the picture.

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My friend throw's a rock towards Old Mexico 100 miles to the South.

Like I said this is "Elevation"

Glad to be back on the air .


  1. Good to see you are back! Thought moving day might have done you in LOL!!

    Beautiful scenery!!! Hard for me to breathe up there, I'll climb back down.

  2. Thats where I want my house right on top. That is some beautifull country, I c why your there.

    how many of those spiders are there anyways?

  3. You better be careful advertising the beauty of the mountains there. It will bring more people. I for one plan to come down and check out DMR for a possible retirement place!

  4. Hey TexasMan and OGT.

    Not much keyboard time this last few weeks, Busy !!!


    Takes more than a few years to get where I'm at today ,also the places I go are very hard to get to and it's getting costly for acerage here. During the last few years trippled! not worried about any mass expanson of the pouplation , you got to give some things up to adapt to this type of living.not as easy as I make it look.
    Good Luck !