Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bragging Day !

There are times when the sacrifices you have made for your children , Comes back in rewards you never imagined.

Times like this , are "Priceless"

Pictures we took last night before our daughter went to the Home coming dance as a senior .

Of course she got "The Mum" on Thursday night for game day on Friday .

She thinks this is blow all out of proportion , But In our eyes there stands a women where a child once stood .

There are the times when you only get one chance to do this , I am a lucky man in many ways !

As I stand and watch her advance forward , In an uncertain world , I'm a proud dad and cease my fearless roar ! Only to applaud her achievements and accomplishments . Just in case , believe me I'm still there taking care of business when it comes to her .

The very lucky young man whom has the opportunity to escort her to the dance.

Everything when well for her last night .
Just about the way we feel today is being so blessed , to get this far with her .
cheers to all !


  1. Bruce and Family, It is with all sincerity that I say WELL DONE! With her family behind her every step of the way she can and will accomplish anything. There will be schools,friends, boyfriends,and mentors, but there will never be anyone who she can count on and have forever like Family. Blood crys out even after death according to the Bible (able), There can never be a closer attachment than family, You invested well my friend!

  2. You and your wife have every right to be proud. I echo OGT sentiments, family is the most important thing in life and you have a very close knit one, congratulations!!

  3. Amen to OFT's comment!

    Brings back memories of my son's high school and college graduation.

    I was the only father working during the day time to help their lockin a success! The ladies could not believe I took time out of my day to make points for my son. My wife worked at a job where she could not take off. I was self employed. Obvious. But I know my son understood she wanted to help and it was not a competition.

    I know you guys are really looking forward to the move.

  4. Bruce,
    Your daughter is a beauty! Hats off to you and your wife for a job well done. You are a very lucky man. I wish your daughter the best, now and always.