Thursday, October 1, 2009

BB-Q at Barrys

I have found that friends are hard to come by , So "To have a Friend you have to be a Friend" , Here are some of mine.

A gathering at Barry's home in the mountains.

The name of this game one is "Chicken Foot" any takers ?

Views from the deck.

And dinner is served.

Got no time this week ,
have to get busy as a bee !
moving is a bitch and don't wish this on anyone,
1 step closer to 6000 feet, and I'm running on empty ,
cheers !


  1. Friends are like rare jewels...hard to find. It seems like you found yourself a keeper.

    I hate moving, I don't envy you one bit but at least you have your wife, daughter and good friends to help you.

  2. Good Morning MsBelinda ,

    and thanks for the complement .most of my friends have real jobs and only avaliable on the weekends to help ,Im just resistant to change. (lol)



  3. I agree with belinda , but I think the quality might be real good where your going.

    Or maybe it will be like alaska, the odds are good but the goods are odd