Saturday, October 10, 2009

600 Watt Back-up Renewable P.V. 120 volt system.

Today I have taken the time to give an example of a small backup P.V. system

This is for information only , If your handy and understand proper use of basic tools and safety procedures , You can assemble this and be online in a couple of days.

A Small True Sine Wave Inverter can solve the problem of a few low-wattage appliances that require only true sine wave power, without upgrading your whole-house inverter to true sine wave. A small inverter can be dedicated to just the computers, a computerized sewing machine or recording equipment. Newly designed for heavy-duty industrial and commercial applications, the Samlex Cotek 600 has two, on board, GFCI protected outlets. Equally robust, the Sure Sine 300 must be hard-wired. Both models offer extensive electronic protection against reverse polarity, overload, short circuit, over/under voltage, and over temp. Two year warranty.
600 watts continuous, 680 watts for 3 minutes, and an 800 watt surge. Includes battery terminal lugs that you crimp to 4 gauge copper wire that you provide. Use a 100 amp fuse in the (+) battery cable. No load current consumed is 0.87 amps. Do not connect to an AC breaker panel. On board load controlled cooling fan. Rated operating range:0° to +30° C (+/-10%). Input voltage: 10.5-15.0. 12"x7"x3" 5.4 lbs, UL Listed
I-SAMLEX COTEK 600 12 volt....................$395 (shipping $10)

(This inverter dose not come with a built in charger , denziel)

Solar panels :
UL Listed 25 year Warranty Polycrystalline Silicon Module
High Efficiency; High Reliability; High Safety
Mitsubishi has applied leading-edge technology from its space-related applications to terrestrial systems to create high performance photovoltaic power-generation systems for an astonishing range of installations. Mitsubishi has successfully produced the first cells that do not require solder coatings. This accomplishment is a milestone in the development of environmentally friendly composite materials.
Solder free; Black surface field structure; Anti-reflective coating; with MC4 multi contact cabling

MF125UE-125 watts Amps 7.23 @ 14.4 volts

Open circuit voltage = 17.3

Price $ 595.00 x 2 = $1090.00 + shipping

XANTREX C-35, Charge Controller
C-35 35 Amps; 12 or 24 volt
3-stage voltage control
Series for Solar
or Diversion for Hydro or Wind
2 year warranty
Size 9" x 5" x 2"
Built in terminals accept wire size up to 2 gauge
CONSTANT CHARGE VOLTAGE: Most advanced control method has 3 stages: full solar charge to Bulk Voltage you set as maximum, then tapers off charge in Absorption mode, just enough to keep batteries at, but not exceeding, the bulk voltage you set. After one hour at bulk voltage, a lower Float Voltage takes effect to prevent overcharge.
DIVERSION CONTROL: XANTREX C35, C40 & C60 can be used as diversion control for wind or hydro. To set up as diversion control, order air or water heat diversion resistors.

BATTERY EQUALIZATION: Higher voltage automatically equalizes batteries once a month, or can be started manually anytime, or disabled for sealed batteries.
OPTIONAL DIGITAL DISPLAY of both charge amps and battery volts, plus counts amp-hours of charge since last reset. Highly recommended.
C-35DD Charge Control & Digital Display: $210
(ship $12)


Electric Vehicle or Golf Cart Batteries are easier to lift at 65 pounds each, size 10" x 7" x 11". These are a popular and economical battery for home power systems. This mass produced consumer battery has the best price per amp-hour of any quality battery.
Each battery is 6 volts, made of three 2-volt cells in one unit. Six-volt batteries are series connected in pairs for 12 volts, or in strings of four batteries for 24 volts, or 8 to make 48 volts. Then several of these is 4 to 6 years. 12 month warranty series strings may be parallel connected to add more ampere-hour capacity. Each series string is rated 225 ampere hours, so two strings are 450 Ampere-Hours, 3 are 675 A.H., 4 are 900 A.H., 5 are 1125 A.H., etc. Interconnect diagrams are supplied. Life expectancy.
FREE ACCESSORIES included with Trojan batteries are the Battery Book, and a glass hydrometer. Distant customers call for pick-up locations near you, usually at no shipping cost.
B-T105-RE: This "RE" model has a 5 year warranty. 65 lbs; 10 3/8" x 7 1/8" x 11 3/4" tall; 6v 225 ah
Trojan T-105-RE Batteries & accessories: $150

4 x 150.00 = $ 600.00 = 450 amp hour string $600.00. plus shipping if any.

Backup System basic hard parts = Inverter = $395.00 SAMLEX COTEK 600 WATT 12V
Shipping $ 10.00

XANTREX C-35, Charge Controller $210.00
Shipping $12.00
Trojan T-105-RE Batteries & accessories: $600.00 local pickup

125 watt panels 2x 595.00 $ 1090.00

The accessories for connection of system add $250.00 estimated

basic setup cost =$ 3200.00 D.Y.I.

Installer price add $850 00

I designed this in about 30 minuets and it will be dependable for backup power for basic needs , CFL lighting , radio , small lcd tv , computer and modem ,

This is not a Hard Wired system , (2) 5-15 N.E.M.A. gfic receptacles are built in the inverter and designed for corded devices only.

This system will operate for up to 7 hours at 80% max ratted wattage (about 4 amps@ 120 volts) without charging. Conservation is key in an emergency blackout.

cheers !



  1. It is a bit over my head but informational none the less.

  2. Prices in california are a bit lower. But it looks like you are going for high quality stuff.

    Nice info on a small system.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for all the info. Im thinking bout moving to the Davis Mtns. Like to think I know someone like you, qualified to help me set up my infrustructure. Keep up the good work,really like your blog.Looking forward to photos of your next cabin building project. I know it's a pain,but we really appreciate your efforts...the more photos,the to watch construction photos as in progress.

  4. Hello to all
    Working on getting this place moved to another location.

    I will keep going on the solar electric info as there seems to be an interest hearing it from from a qualified installer.

    Thanks to all who are following this very important series of posts concerning what you can do , and what not to "buy into"

    If you currently have a solar project in progress and get stumped , get with me !



  5. Hey d, why did you go with such a small inverter? 600 watts I would think is too low even for the small system. Id think a 1500 watt inverter would be the lowest Id go with. Even if your gonna go with a small system sometimes I would want something that could power up a few devices at once.

    But this is why I ask, your the man and I want to know what you think. cause Im gonna go with a smaller system as you know.

  6. OGT ,

    The system design is just an example of a "backup" system the typical D.I.Y. could build himself with not much cost involved .
    The components selected are matched to to system capacity ,

    The larger inverter would require a much larger solar array to charge a much larger battery bank and much more dollars later ya got a Big System !

    Look at the backup system and what it would be used for. Temporary grid outage , these generally last a few hours no longer than a day in most cases ,You would have 5 amps @ 120volts that has the ability to recharge each day to full battery capacity with each days sun , giving you CFL lites , computer , modem and small lcd tv , and no more just the minimal to get bye on.
    you got only 2 125 watt panels to charge 4 battery's running a 600 watt inverter(5 amps) with built in receptacles ,simple and for the cost its a real deal.You could also use this every day to trim a little off you electric bill each month

    What you need to understand is the ability to recharge what you have is what makes it renewable .
    also for this example cost out lay up($3200.00 ) front to go from a backup system to a good reliable 1500 watt system (12 amps 120volts)would double or more ,inverter $850.00 to $1200.00 ,battery's upgrades to meet expected demand from larger inverter would double again to 1200.00 or more, because this is where you decide to up grade the battery system to better battery's so instead of $600.00 you jump to $1800.00 to 2000.00.
    To charge to larger bank would require triple the solar watts to 750 watts or 6 125 watt panels , again triple the cost $3500.00.

    Now ya got some money here and would need a qualified installer to put it together 1200.00 inverter , Battery's 2000.00 ,P.V.panels X 6 = 3600.00 plus charge controller and additional cabling necessary the system cost have gone to 7200.00 plus installation add 1500.00 .Now your reaching 8500.00 plus.

    just increasing the inverter wattage output dose not upgrade the system.

    hope this helps



  7. IC, hmmm let me think some more. questions still bubbling in the head.


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