Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where am I ?

Have you ever been here?

Or have you seen this critter ?

My home lies somewhere in the center of this one (new clue) its private property


  1. hmmm let me take a guess? ft davis?

  2. that's close but jf davis.county is the third largest county in the state . only brewster and pecos are larger ! (my daughters words)

  3. Skyline Drive, a paved road that climbs steeply to two overlooks on the eastern side of the park, visible are several mountain ranges including the Chinati Mountain Range, located 75 miles to the southwest. Access to the Skyline Drive after 10:00pm for stargazing is permitted with registration and payment of fee at the park office. Hows that?

  4. No, good work but thats not the same one , same name , the mountain in the foreground is called Blue Mt. elevation 7200ft. hint : hightest drivable road in Texas, 7200ft. located in the Davis Mountains. that part is right!