Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to make it through a Hot day

Since I have mostly finished our first home there is not much maintenance except keeping the site clean, My wife and are designing the second all Green home for the upper pad I will share as we get closer to construction phase, including solar and wind power for off grid status.

What to do ? Hum ?

Go swimming in near by Balmorhea State Park. 2 miles south of I-10 on Highway 18.

This little oasis in the middle of nowhere USA is the largest natural bottom spring fed pool in the US. The water originates from a fault in the Guadalupe Mountains about 80 miles NW of the park, Also waters from The Davis Mountains finds it way to the San Solomon Spring that feeds 1.2 million gallons per hour into the 3.5 million gallon pool.The math = refills itself every four hours.It also supports small fish , bullhead catfish , soft shell turtles .

With depths of 32 feet at the spring inlet and average 20 -25 foot depths and an average temp of 72 - 76 degrees year round make it great for scuba divers. The 3 acre pool diverts water from the pool to irrigation canals that extend through town and 40 acre Lake Balmorhea.

Last trip to Ft Davis I did exactly that, went swimming. Outside temp 96 degrees water temp was 74. The cost is reasonable at $ 7.00 for adults and children under 12 are admitted for free. The State of Texas annual pass for all state parks is only 60.00 per year.


  1. Hello denziel, I'm Trent, I also follow John's blog on a regular basis and now yours as well. Great pics of Bahlmorhea. My wife has never been and we plan to in a few weeks as we are taking a trip to meet John.
    You can follow my blog as well if you like, I'm a food a cooking nut, so that is mainly what mine is on.
    I look forward to your continued posts!

  2. Hey Denziel! I found you through John's Field Lab blog, and popped over. I love the area you are in and will be looking for some property (probably DMR) in the next year or so. Used to have 85 acres in Terlingua Ranch, but had to let 80 of it go last year ($$). Had my family out in Davis Mtns SP and Balmorhea just last week in our pop-up camper. Keep posting, and I'll keep reading!