Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog.

This is the first post.

The name of the blog pretty well tells you what up.

I started in late 2005 buying property in the Davis Mountains as a vacation spot. Today I have built from ground up a 350 sq ft sturdy cabin with complete kitchen , bath and large covered porch on about 11 acre's. @ 6000 ft elevation . I once lived in this section of Ft Davis back in 1997 for about a year in a rental.

After many travellers from Ft Davis to Alpine ,to Terlingua back to the Gulf Coast and back to the mountains.Lots of things have changed. will share more as I get use to "The Blog"

I am an electrician by trade ,have worked high rises in Houston , In Terlingua the Water plant (RO @80.000 gallons per day) for The Study Butte Water Corp at the end of the world as most know it in The Chihuahuan Desert , yes there is a desert in Texas and I lived in it for 5 years. Also my first renewable power system in 1998 .Worked US Clay L.P mining operations near Terlingua Ranch 52 miles South of Alpine off 118 south out of a N.M.H.S.A. red tag on their electrical system in there crushing plant , Ground up electrical on Alpines newest grocery store . 40 acre Greenhouse in Ft Davis for AEP ,yep those vine tomatoes in the store, been there and done that. That enough about electricity , I have forgot more than most will every learn !

My good friend JW at http.// has inspired me to create this as a way to share our way of life. I am still currently on the Gulf coast ,but travel to Ft Davis often as I can ! I know his project will be difficult to say the least , as has been mine. ETA for leaving the coast is summer 2010.

That's all for today. probably more than ya needed but I'm a Texan , and a lot of fun around the camp fire !


  1. I have the privilage to be the first comment on your blog. I hope to be there when you make your move to ft Davis. NICE VIEW

  2. I love the Davis Mountains and get out there from San Angelo often, except that I have a small camper trailer that I use to stay at Davis Mountains State Park near Fort Davis. It is a good home base for me.

    Best wishes on your goals and thanks for starting your blog--- and remember: we love photos!


  3. Thanks Rick'

    I'll be sure to update them often as I have plenty to keep this thing going untill I reach "same day" status.

    Have you been to the DMR ? There is a great RV park at the DMR country store 426-2600 , it's just out of range of my cabin , I did the electrical revamp last year on all sites.

    also thanks Marc for the first to post , I'm not there everyday so most of this is from days past and a large file of jpeg's on my lp. There's a story for each one.


  4. Yo Bro....good to see you got the blog started. Im off the air today simply because there was no new programming and I hate reruns


  5. Beautiful vistas. Looks like a great site, glad you're sharing with the blog. Interesting take on the living in remote places thang. I look forward to some ideas and observations.

  6. b,
    So nice to have a blog of a 6000 foot area.
    how many acres do you have? Is the land expensive there? About what does it run an acre?
    Are there any POA fees where you live?

  7. Yes, I have enjoyed DMR because I have friends who live there. I had not visited the store in a couple of years or the RV park and am glad to know the electrical was upgraded by you. I bet some other improvements have been made, too. I'll have to check it out. They sure have been getting the rains lately and everything is green in the mountains.

  8. If you want information from me about the Davis mountains please use AIM6 denziel56 and leave a messeage.

    Rick glad u know where it is,They have really up-graded the rv park and is much more functional than in the early years.