Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raw land in the mountains Spring 2005

We choose to camp on our new land on Sarai's spring break soon after we closed on the land,

During this experience we developed a new respect how tough you would have needed to be back when Indians and wild cowboys and Pancho Villa really were ridding these hills as they did 100 years ago! note Pancho Villa was hanging along the border on the
Rio Grand River , near the old Trading Post in Lajitas. believe there were a few shoot outs on the border. I was doing electrical work for Rick at the post back in 98 and was shown actual bullet holes after a visit from Pancho , note; Pancho Villa was assassinated June 20th 1923 no one knows who or why as he had already laid down his guns three years earlier.

During our camping days witch where few , I think we camped on the raw land 4 times and then it was time to build a shelter!I believe the decision was made quickly after a night in the tent and temps that dropped into the 30 degree range and we woke up to ICE on the tent.

nice fire to keep the chill off!

Where the house now sits.
Digging through some back-up jpeg's i came across some shots of the start of our adventure, and acknowledged that we need a bigger pad !

The old driveway approach

South looking up our mountain

Started marking a rough out demo plan, found "Buster" in Ft Davis with an 850 Cat dozier w/six way blade to create some more pad and widen the drive approach from the access road.

This was starting out from nothing.

the existing pad when we bought it.

OF course you got to have a nice camp fire out here .

see ya tommrow



  1. nice, I really like the trees. Thats the one thing I am gonna do is plant some trees down bellow when I get out there. Do you think mesquites will do well here?

  2. did virgil respond? Im curious.