Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thinking about Fishing

Spent most of yesterday painting our master bathroom here on the Gulf coast .

Then some long hours bringing my daughters HP laptop back to life .!!! win/32 missing or corrupt file in windows start-up, Reloaded the OS and proceeded with 36 driver / software packs plus about 50 windows up-dates and MS office, and it breaths again .

If you have read my profile you know I like to fish the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months ,

My close friend and neighbor Barry go deep about once a month , after all I'm right here on the coast . included are some pictures from last years harvest . The odd looking brown fish is called a Triple Tail , he is a very tricky fish to snag because of his small mouth ,The one I'm holding was a little over 8 lbs, they are some of the finest tasting white meat creators in the Gulf . The cat represents the size of some great specimens of Red Snappers . the ones Barry holds were in the 12 lb plus category. Mixed in the "Group Shot" are kings , Spanish macks , red snappers , 2 triple tails ,

The shark in the boat was a Black Tip @ about 55 lbs . The other long skinny one is a small wahoo I released (top of the mackerel family) .

The boat is a Scarab 32ft Competition Sport Fisher with twin Merc 250s. Its made to get you out there and get you back even faster , we can run 35 mph in 3 to 4 ft seas , but on a good day try 50 mph with a top out of 70 mph in the glass.

I often have seafood several times a week depending on our luck at sea .

This is my "Life at Sea Level" going to be hard to give this up , but I can always catch a trip out with friends !

Will begin with the early days in the mountains next week from the days when we were sleeping in a tent on an unimproved dirt pad .

stay tuned see ya Monday.

cheers !



  1. You know, when I lived in Tampa Fl, I never went fishing. Look at what I missed out on, Im jellous of you.

  2. We go to Port A at least twice a year and fish on the Cat. We call ahead and plan trips where there are no more than 30 on board. We each get two kingfish, one shark and anything else we reel in on our own equip. Last year as we were fishing for whitetips, I some how snagged a manta ray. I'm glad I was attached to the boat--I'd been treading water till I was picked up. I cut the line after it first crested and smacked down on top of the water, that was too much excitement/fear for me. Earlier this year, my wife caught a beautiful 40lb amberjack, that we had Virginias cook up for us. I wish at times we had a boat, but I'd drop the fishing for scuba if I had my own rig.

    virgils site
    copy and past that in your browser and you will have to join to be able to read the posts.

    I asked questions and virgil answered them. My responses to his answers were geared to find out about what if senarios. I found him to be pretty helpfull. Without him sticking his neck out he basically said he only investigates if there is a complaint. And others came up with solutions about how to get around the regulations. I also talked with Bennet Jones and he was helpful. My goal in the future is to come up with a urine separating toilet/grey water combination system that is easily permitted and then market it for sale as a package and become an installer.