Friday, July 24, 2009

Lets think about something to cool us down in the middle of this summer !

One of the most wonderful things I have found, loving where we built is the temperate climate in the mountains. Most often comfortable yet some days are just unbelievable. Here is one I remember ! My family and I arrived 1 week before Christmas 2007 and enjoyed a mild week of 60 degree weather. As it would just happen to be the start of mule deer season I remained behind and the girls returned to the coast. That night of December 27th I got some Snow ! Of course being from the gulf coast it was really the first time I had seen it snow all night. To some this would probably sound miserable , or unusual but it was beautiful in my eyes !

Yesterday I talked about how to beat the heat , Today let's put another log on the fire, The lowest temperature I have recorded at the cabin is 9 degrees. But sound building practises during construction have paid off. With a small wood burning stove and an abundance of scrub oaks and a chain saw, it stays comfortable with a little work and effort before the snow starts to fall.I use only wood for heating our home off our own land , during this storm I cooked a pot of homemade chili ,never lost power and had my first white Christmas in my life. It was a beautiful thing.
And to think that I figured it just did not snow in Texas. Wrong , just not where I had been living !


  1. I remember the Winter of '07. My wife and lived in May, Tx--just North of Brownwood. That was the most snow-laden winter I can remember in TX. We had 6 snow showers totalling 19inches. One morning we awoke to 7 inches on the ground! But that year we took our first trip out to the Sierra-Nevadas in California and saw 19 feet of snow! I'd never seen snow packed from the ground to above a roof on a house.

  2. nice pics!!! this reminds me of when I was in Alaska.
    when the first snow fell around october, thats when you really start finishing up those chores you needed to do in the summer. lol