Wednesday, August 11, 2010

stairs #2

Still working on the lower strings, But good news is we finished the upper run.

We rolled up at 1:30 yesterday as the rain clouds appeared again from the North and headed South.

I'm nailed the last tread and was glad that I didn't bust my butt during this little project.

Footing's for the lower string.


they are as strong as they look. and 6 feet wide, nice & eazy for us old floks

Joy followed me with the Thompson's Water Seal

Trying to beat the rain.

Today's project will land on these blocks....

As Joy keeps spraying the water seal....

Went ahead and treated the entire deck again

I spotted another stair project at the end of the South landing.

Glad these are in...

Still got nice lows in the mornings,today61
no rain for us yesterday.
going up the hill after I post this.
and that's the way it is.


  1. Quality stairs for us old folks! And Joy did a great job!