Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Took a few days for my B-day and getting Sarai off to U.T for her start off.

The solar panels arrived on my birthday,But as you see they didn't go to far from the truck.I popped open one carton for inspection and series 2 of them in full sun and got 62.3volts, 2 volts more than expected.

They are well constructed but large. This will be fun putting the array on the south roof. I have designed a Unistrut frame that will minimize the roof penetrations for mounting.I will be able to shift the entire array by myself for seasonal tilt to the south,Then back to 5 degrees for the extended west exposure during summer.I had to call my friends at Wholesale Electric for some special Unistrut devices that I could not ever find out here.

I will be fabricating all my cables on site.

The Goldwing is covered by 2 panels.

Units still in shipping cartons,along with combiner box and main battery disconnect

Service tag.

I really like the Solarline 2 MC locking cables.For many years we hard piped or ran SealTite flexible tubing ,pulled wires ,installed ring terminals in a junction box just to get the current to the power room. Now snap some MC2 cables and there ya go

Time to build this out....

The array will be a twin stack 5 panels long on a fixed mount.1.85kw total
@ 24 volts.With manual seasonal tilt feature.

A small potted garden we brought from the Gulf coast.This is our first tomato since last year.


We are seeing what will really grow at 6000 feet. Peppers always good.

Some rosemary doing well.
Basil seems to like it also.

Will be putting walls in the power room on Monday,going to do the rough-in electrical and build the battery box later in the week. The solar electric and wiring should take place over the next 2 weeks.
and that's the way it is.

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  1. Wow, really taking shape! Exciting! Love the Gulf coast plants. The tomatoes seem to be doing great.