Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday was a victory for the new place.
The final touch to the entry way is almost complete,Still need to pour the concrete landing for the bottom step,

But we are taking a few days off and heading for the river for a 1 day float down the Rio Grande before Sarai heads off to college


Joy was very happy with this

My charge controller,inverter and MC4 locking cables arrive today.
Battery's and panels will ship today, yea!!!!
and that's the way it is


  1. Ive read through most of your blog.. You have a very nice home..cant wait to see the solar system, Are you going to add wind?

  2. Hello BlackBeard,
    I belive I'll generate enough for us to live in comfort with pv only. But if not, yes to wind power, Maybe 800 to 1000 watts more and another set of battery's, a square wave 2000 watt inverter for fridge and freezer,power tools.It would give me 2850 watts @ 24 volts.I like your section on LED lighting,my choice for sure...


  3. No more having to climb ladders! Nice and wide to give you room to carry furniture up the stairs and a nice middle of the road landing to rest on before the next climb to the top of the mountain.

    As always meticulous work!

  4. Thanks TexasMan
    You are always so kind...and your right about the landing in the middle....Know I'll need it after all of this construction.Got a 1000 lb pallet of Trojan's L16RE-B battery's coming tomorrow.