Thursday, August 5, 2010

Final Solar Design for # 2

Yesterday we made the big step into going "Green".

Here is my final design on renewable energy. The check is in the mail...and it did hurt to write that bad boy.

We started with 10 of the Kyocera KD185GX-LP. Did a lot of researching and found these to be the best fit for our lifestyle.

These pv panels are rated @ 23.6 volts for grid tie operation or stand alone MPPT charge controllers, You series 2 of these together for 5 strings of 47.2 volts @ 7.84 amps per pair.This complies with current N.E.C. code. Code correct "Under 48 volts" for pv systems. 1850 watts total system @ 24 volts.

Xantrex XW MPPT-SCC 60 amp Charge Controller

This charge controller will convert the 47.2 volt PV array @ 39.2 amps and convert down to charge a 24 volt battery bank.This is a 3 stage controller. Bulk, Absorption and Float with manual equalization.

The charge rate will be 27.2 volts up to 29.0 volts @ 53 amps during the 6 hour prime sun,period 10:00am till 4:00pm. Although I get much more sun than 6 hours,It would charge my banks with a 50% state of discharge or (DOD) in the 6 hour period. The charge controller will compensate automatically during the day.Worth the money....

We purchased 8 of these Trojan L16RE-B 6 volt battery's.These will be arranged into 24 volt battery banks.There will be 2 banks rated at 375 AH @ 20 amp rate.The 2 banks will deliver 750 AH @ 24 volts. Expected life span 5 to 8 years with proper care. weight 118lbs each (Bet ya I get 10 out of um)

We purchased the Outback VFX3524 Pure Sine Wave 3500 watt Inverter.
This will provide 29.6 amps @ 120volts. With most all other high amp drains converted to LP gas or wood it will lite up the house and with plenty to spare. The on demand water heater and propane spark ignition type oven and stove have cut our energy bill here at the cabin by over 50% this last month.I will cut the amount of propane used with a solar oven and solar water collector,But not right now. One step at a time. This is first on the list...

I have left room for expansion if necessary. I think this will provide enough electricity for a fairly convenient life style.We will see....I will have a backup inverter just in case.
We worked on the stairs again today and should finish on Friday,We are working 4 hours a day until the heat wave is over....

Going to start the rough-in electrical in a couple of weeks.
I expect the solar package will start arriving next week.
I'll start that install as soon as it arrives on site.Don't want to let anymore free electricity get away.Even if I don't have anything to power up (lol).

and that's the way it is
low this morning 59 degrees. ya got to love it.....
high today 95 with 26% humidity and dew point at 55


  1. Sounds like a heck of a system to me. One I can only dream of. ;)

  2. The place is lookin real nice, love the deck stairs. And your solar system, Wow! I'm still gonna try to make out there before the year is up. It seems like I cant get out of Terlingua once I get there.

  3. That is why I told my sister she needed your expertise!!