Saturday, August 21, 2010

Power room #1

Power room started today, Took advantage of some spare time.
First up put up some OSB on the chosen wall. Then paint the wall...

A good 8 x 8 wall space is required for component mounting and room for air to circulate around the inverter and charge controller.

Left to right, inverter , main battery disconnect , combiner box , and charge controller. Missing 2 A/C panels,battery meter,hard pipe,unistrut for piping,sealtite flex,lighting suppressor and a lot of wiring and labor

These are only a few of the many devices to be mounted on the power center wall,The battery's are just outside in the corner of the bare OSB wall where the 4 foot level is. They will come into play later,first things first.

This little storm showed up about 1:30 and so I called it a day.

Those clouds dropped 1.79inches in about 2 hours.
and that's the way it is,

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