Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day/Solar Day

Labor Day....................

Got to work about 4 hours this morning before the sun was to intense on the metal roof.
Managed to get 4 panels on the rack.

The panels are LARGE 39" X 54" and weight 35 lbs each.

This takes all I got, not to drop one.

Once on the rack system they are not so bad. My tilt feature worked great...But I'll make retractable legs , not 2x6's...

2 more and this rack is full, leaving 4 more to complete the system,Ran out of hardware today.But it was hot!!!

Did find out I'll need a stiff back in the middle of the 10' X 10 rack. Turned out heaver than expected

These are called C-Ports and used for holding conduit on commercial rooftops, I'm using them for feet on the ends of the thick strut.

This shot of the winter tilt or flat against the roof @ 22 1/2 degrees, Should be able to raise them to a flat position for the long summer days.

Slow today on the trial run, but expect to finish by Wednesday .

Takes quite a bit of equipment to pull this off. Not for the faint of heart.... The roof is slick from the heat and dust

Things are going OK so far and hope I don't bust my ass in the meantime.
and that's the way it is.
cheers .bb

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  1. Could not envision how large the array would be. Love the pictures. Don't let the heat get you. Drink lots of aqua.