Friday, September 17, 2010

Completed Solar Array on Roof

Bizz picked up quickly after moving back.Haven't had much time for the new home till yesterday.

Today I finished the pv array and brought wires into the power room.

Below is a mule hiding in the bush, Where looking for a thief, He was coming into the resort with a horse trailer and stealing the wild mules and selling for profit. I hope he rots in hell............
And sure HOPE he comes back on my watch, cuz I got your "Huckleberry" pal, You been had.

Look to the right and expand the pic and you will see him.

She was a little confused as I walked up the hill to take today's photos.

The service entrance was achieved via 2"weather head and E.M.T. straight into the power room.

The completed array on roof. Final rack size @ 10' x 20'.

Next on the list is grounding the entire system and roof.

A little further up the mountain.
A view across the valley,The rain has been good to us this year. Guessing 25 to 30 inches so far this year

Things are good otherwise,But behind on the house. I'll catch up soon.
God willing and the creeks don't rise !
and that's the way it is.


  1. Beautiful photos! Loved the deer in the headlights! She was probably wondering what is this human doing?

    Hope they [actually YOU] catch the thief!

    Got to let my sister see the beautiful work of art on your roof!

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  3. TexasMan, that deer is pretty used to people, most of the deer out here are, especially the mulies... many of them will eat right from your hand. B is one of my "neighbors", well across a couple of valleys and mountain tops. Good neighbor to have too. :)

    And in that first pic, there are 2 donkeys, gotta look close.

  4. I hope they catch that theif!!! I can't believe someone would do that! What a jackass! Your house has a lovely view by the way.

  5. GypsyJess,
    I looked at your profile and blog,In the pics it looks a lot like Far West Texas ? Big-ass rattler your man took out...

  6. Densil, i sure hope everything is well with you & your family. I sure miss your posts & pics. Being an older carpenter who lived in Seabrook, Tx during the early 80's i enjoyed following your move to Davis Mt. Retreat. I've even looked at property online there to think about. You & Wrenth(sp) look like a nice peaceful place.

    Hope you & family are fine, & you are just too busy to post.

    Phil in Georgia

  7. Thanks,Phil in Georiga !

    Your right,I have not had the time to post the last few months.I've been on a few jobs that have taken me away from the "Blog".... I will post one for you , Just because you asked about how everthing is I have quite a few pictures from the winter season...give me a few days to put one up...

    Our daughter is in Russia for spring break, A bit troubling because Japan's only about 400 miles away