Wednesday, September 1, 2010

24 volt banks and cables

Busy on other things last few weeks, College ,waiting on materials to arrive and moving my boat from Lake Travis to the mountains. Don't have much need for the boat at the present.
It's my Ark.... Got a boat in the High Desert, like I got time for it now. Haven't even started, much less rode my bike in a month.

I got all panels up to the upper pad last week,The lugs for the cables came last week also, But no time to fab-um up until today.

A look at the construction of the banks.

They have been on this pallet for about 3 weeks so I decided a charge was in order.

The heavy oak shipping pallet will be the starter for the enclosed battery box. This will happen quickly and expect no problems.I'll line the box with cut-offs from the Hardy Board and add some stiffeners under the battery's ,Then frame it out for insulation,Hinge the top,add vent fan,paint,add battery's and off to the races.(save 400 bucks).

This system gives 24 volts with reserve of 740 ah @ 20 hour rate. 820 @ 100 hour rate.
These are cabled Series/Parallel.
Series cables are 2/0 THNN 90c rated @ 190 amps
Parallel cables are 3/0 THHN 90c rated @ 205 amps

Finally got all the rack and strut necessary to complete the roof mount with seasonal tilt, Should be on the roof by Friday and hope for no rain. I need to make 6 roof penetrations right off the bat.

Due to the size of the pv panels, 40 inches wide and 60 inches tall, I will have to use a extra helper during the attachment process as I don't want to drop 1, much less a whole rack of 5...
and that's the way it is.


  1. Were I younger, I would go study electricity just so I could understand precisely what you so eloquently are showing us!

  2. Well I'll take that as a compliment...
    Thank You,