Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 15 2010 six day ago...

These where taken on the 15th, As of the 18th we are dried-in,doors and gables.
Decks are in,and functional.
To much to show on the blog....
At least there is progress and memories on file...for later,

The 3 bay window in the great room.

I'm happy with the windows. On the deck is stucco finish Hardy Board for siding.

6 foot deck on South side.

Brian sits while the pit comes up to speed for some burger's... First cook at the house.The height of the West deck is 13 feet off the ground.

A look down the south deck.

Looking down the West deck,Think the dog wants inside????

Same look.

Working on the moister barrier for the windows.

A look from across the road,before all was dried-in.

And I rest for the day beside the cedar tree I saved while building the South deck

More to come.caulk, paint and trim-out next.
Plumbing and electrical next.
and that's the way it is.

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  1. Looking good!!

    Before long it will just be the"remember when we...".