Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First Month in FT Davis.

Here are some pic's from our first month on the mountain.
The first week it rained every day.no complaints
The house is moving along quickly since I'm here with no departure date , O'ya
I'm holding back on the house pic's for a few more days until I compile a real time progress on film , shooting this with 3 different cameras ,Hard to keep up ....

This was off the porch at the new house

Tom and Cade @ the pond.

This was the best way to get everything out here.

The ranching makes this the "REAL DEAL"these are from the Paradise Ranch...

Tom and Sarai after the 5K run at the 4th in Ft D. Sarai took 2nd in her age division.

Sarai and friend Renee

Tom and Larry before the race.

Sunset at the Richey Ranch.

Joy took the 45acp @ 50 feet.....

Sarai and Brian go over the basics...

Fire in the hole...........

My turn....

Great time at the ranch.

More of the house progress soon to come.
and that's the way it is.

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