Friday, April 29, 2011

Rock House Fire is under Control after 21 days...

All is well in THE DMR...the fire missed us but was close... total acres burned to date 311.000 acres.

The house is doing well and still working on it .water system currently going in service. no pic's until I'm done with it

The ROCK HOUSE FIRE in Ft Davis TX. this is not pretty.....

A view from the communications site at Indian Lodge State Park.This site was a vital radio site for State and County emergency agencies ,I was asked to repair the electrical service for the radio station.

The blog days for me are far and few between.... I only post now and then. My bizz is more than I can keep up with ....




  1. So sorry about the fires. I'm glad to see it missed you & DMR. Happy to see you have plenty of work. I was begining to wonder if you were O.K.

    Can't wait the see the house, i've followed you from the camping in tents days to the present.

    Hope that the people of Ft. Davis area get all the help they need.

  2. Thanks Phil

    for keeping up with us.Time is passing by way to fast these days.

    I'm happy your still watching our progress.



  3. Just glad the fire missed your house! Figured you might be doing lots of volunteering out there.

    If you don't take care of biz, u can't do the house thing.

    Enjoy occasional postings.