Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Roof and Party #2

The roof worked out nicely. The V crimp metal went up in 3 days on the rear side and included 2-18 foot valleys.

Here is a progression while we cut the valleys then cut out the roof. Ridge cap will go down on next trip out. Gutters and down spouts for water harvest soon...

A look under the overhang.

We take a break at Barry's for some grill time with some good friends before I leave in the morning.

A few shots from the road.

More to come...and that's the way it is.


  1. Looks great. Bet you are itching to get it finished.

  2. You bet...

    I'm going to order the pv system next week and start the electrical and plumbing soon after.

    Come on up for the day.


  3. Wish I could Bruce. Thanks for the offer though.